Welcome to Facilities Web Request

Before logging into Web Request, please read the instructions below. For step-by-step instructions, please click here.





All service requests will go through Web Request.Service@williams.edu is no longer available.

If you have an emergency, call x2486 immediately. An emergency is defined as a problem that would result in harm to you or others or cause damage to the building and must be resolved in the same day.

      If you have more than one problem you are reporting to Facilities, you must submit a separate work request for each problem. Do not include more than one request for service on a work request. For example, your keyboard tray is broken and the outlet by your desk does not work. Each problem requires a different shop to do the work and a separate work order will be generated for each shop. When clicking the SUBMIT button, please only click it once, as multiple clicks creates duplicate web requests for the same issue.

      You are not required to fill in the labor and material accounts.

      If you have a large event, please contact Dan Levering x4466 or email dlevering@williams.edu..

      If you have a telephone issue/request, please click on the following link for instructions: http://it.williams.edu/how-to/telecom/ .

      For repairs, setups, moves or deliveries and other services you require from Facilities, please click the link above for Web Request.

      Please note that as of November 1, 2010, an account number is required for all non-academic event setups/deliveries of tables and chairs, regardless of the quantity requested. The appropriate account number should either be selected from the Labor Account dropdown list or typed into the Description field if it is not available as an option in the dropdown list.

NOTE: Be sure to be very specific when filling in the description of work required.

For example:

     My window is broken.

      Is the glass broken? Is the glass cracked? Is there glass on the floor?

      Does the window not open or close?

      Is the frame damaged?


     I have a roof leak.

      How bad is the leak?

      Is the leak slow enough that you can trap the water in a coffee cup?

      Is the leak coming through a light fixture?

      Is it dripping on your desk or equipment in your office?